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Speech by commissioner of ABL NYC, on the start and launch of Summer Season 2, Ahmadiyya Basketball

Assalamu Alaikum, absolutely amazing opening speech by Khurram Bajwa Sahib, Commissioner of ABL NYC, on the start and launch of Summer Season 2.

Extremely inspirational, genuine, from the heart, and a great walk on memory lane of where we were and Alhamdolillah where we have come.

"You are all our leaders...and Khilafat is what unites us".

Two statements more powerful than anything mentioned by Commissioner sahib. May Allah bring us closer as brothers, inspire us, reform us, unite us, and purify us from this endeavor to achieve greatness through sport.

I am proud of every single one of you guys. We have already come a long way these last 6 months and we have yet mountains to climb. Don't give up yet, strive to not only change your game, but change every aspect of life around.

There's still time, and Allah is merciful, He has the power and will to wipe away all of our past, present and future sins, weaknesses, and shortfalls, as long as we are willing and ready to thread on the path of goodness.

And goodness doesn't need to be learnt, it is a natural urge that we all experience deep down inside. Just tap into it and let it fly.

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