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[NY JAMA'AT] Humanity First USA will have INTERNATIONAL TELETHON on 26th May 2018

Respected Munum Naeem Sahib, Executive Director of Humanity First USA has informed Respected Amir Sahib USA that Hazur e Anwer Ayyadahullah Ta'ala Benisrehil Aziz has given a target of ONE MILLION DOLLARS to USA Humanity First to be raised at the upcoming International Telethon on this coming Saturday May 26, 2018.

Respected Amir Sahib had directed to convey you all that he urges all Missionaries and Presidents of local Jama'ats to motivate all their members to come forward to support the Humanity First USA to achieve this target given by our beloved Imam Ayyadahullah Ta'ala Benisrehil Aziz.

Every Ahmadi knows by his life time experience and have a firm belief now, that there is always a deep wisdom in the directions of Hazur Aqdas Ayyadahullah Ta'ala Benisrehil Aziz. The World political atmosphere of hostilities may lead the Humanity towards the complete destruction any time and our humble and meek efforts to serve humanity in such difficult time may be accepted by our Lord as a Sadqa. He is Gracious and Merciful, may save the Humanity just because of the prayers and the financial sacrifices of the Community of the Hazarat Promised Messiah (Alaisalatu Wassalam).

So please, being the cognizant of your Obligatory Chandajat, extend your cooperation and donate, either one Dollar or one hundred Thousand Dollars, your intention should be to seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty.

May Allah be our our reward in these blessed days of Ramadhan. Amen.

------------------------------------------ jazakallah والسلام wasalam Muhammad Goraya

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