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Imam Mahmood Kauser Sahib- Voice of Islam UK Radio Interview

Imam Mahmood Kauser Sahib - Voice of Islam UK Radio Interview

Join Hanif Khan, Masood Malik and Noman Hadi for Friday's show where we will be discussing:

Prayers: Bringing us together

Worship is common to all religions. What differs is only the manner and style of worship. Remembrance of God and pondering over His attributes during the prayer helps man in refining his spirit, bringing it more into harmony with the nature of God. Further, It is impossible for one to be near God and distance himself from His creation, thus prayer helps bring people together

Vegetarians: Healthier humans?There are over three million vegetarians in the UK today and increasing. National Vegetarian week aims to show to communities and schools across the UK that vegetarian food can be vibrant and exciting to eat. Islamically, we are reminded to eat of all God Almighty has made lawful, good and wholesome to us, but in moderation. What we eat also affects our character and soul.

Guests include:

Imam Mahmood Kausar (New York Metro Regional Imam. He has served in Tanzania, Marshall Islands, Kiribati Islands, Micronesia Islands)

Lee Weissman (Long time Jewish educator and interfaith activist who spends a lot of time trying to create spiritual bridges between Muslims and Jews)

Professor Anna King (Professor of Religious Studies and Social Anthropology)

Andleeb Anwar (Medical Student)

Dominika Piasecka (Spokeswoman for The Vegan Society)

Tony Bishop (Foods for Life nutrition and catering consultant)

Amanda Squire (A registered dietitian and BDA Spokesperson)

Produced by: Maliha Shahzad, Sunya Athwal and Naila Manan

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