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[NY JAMA'AT] New Jama'at ID card printing for USA Jama'at members

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته Assalam-o-alaikum wa rehmatullah,

Please see message from national Tajneed department.

Assalam O Alaikum,

Tajneed department is currently in process of printing USA Jam'aat ID card for all male and female members of USA Jama'at members. Please find attached with this email a letter from National Finance Secretary USA in this regard.

Please make announcement in your Jama'at regarding this matter and make sure that all members of your Jama'at fill out the ID card application as soon as possible.

Please contact us in case you have any concerns or questions.


جزاك اللهُ خيراً AMC Tajneed Phone: 920-216-0766 Fax: 866-694-8771 ------------------------------------------ jazakallah والسلام wasalam Muhammad Goraya

General Secretary

New York Jama'at

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