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What is TaQWA?

TaQWA is a department of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. In 2008, Hazur (aba) established that the Taleemul Qur’an (Education of the Quran) and Waqf-e-Aardhi (Temporary Devotion) departments would be joined under one office in every country and thus the TaQWA department was created.

Our Mission

Every Ahmadi seeks to his life with TaQWA – love and fear of Allah. How can one achieve TaQWA without learning the Qur’an and striving in His way? Thus the mission of the TaQWA department is to motivate and inspire each of us to integrate the Qur’an into our daily lives so that we may be successful in life, as well as to devote time to help others do the same.

Our website resource is the official website of the TaQWA department in the US. We will strive to provide resources to help each of us learn, understand, and adopt the Quran in our lives under the guidance of Hazarat Khalifatul Masih(ABA), Ameer Sahib, and National TaQWA Secretary Sahib.

Write to us:

Call Us: 802.473.1040

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