www.trueislam.com TV AD in USA - NY1 channel

February 8, 2018

www.trueislam.com TV AD in USA - NY1 channel






Extremists like ISIS depend on people’s ignorance of Islam to grow. That’s why the more people know about Islam’s true teachings – and what Muslims truly believe – the less they’ll fall for ISIS’s propaganda.

The True Islam campaign answers eleven misunderstood questions on Islam. Using only the Holy Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) exemplary model, the True Islam campaign educates all Americans on Islam’s true teachings. Likewise, the True Islam campaign actively counters the menace of extremism that has resulted from inconsistent Muslim leadership.

For more info:
1-800-949-4752 - 1-800-WHY-ISLAM - www.TrueIslam.com - info@trueislam.com

For all media inquiries, please contact: (202) 499-7035 or press@ahmadiyya.us


An Elementary Study of Islam Kindle Edition by Mirza Tahir Ahmad (Author)













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