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[NY JAMA'AT] Waqf-e-Jadid.


" The person who cannot dismiss the world cannot come to our Movement.Look, Hazrat Abu Bakr,may Allah be please with him, was the first among all to give up the world and his possessions was a blanket that he used to cover himself, having giving all in the way of Allah and his Messenger."

" This is precisely why Allah, the Exhalted place him before all others upon the throne.The cause of this was this very thing that was the first to adapt poverty. The being of God Almighty is Holy and does not need to be under a debt of gratitude to anyone."

" In the beginning there are indeed losses and one for has to cut off connections with friends and love ones. But one is recompense for these in the end.When someone does good even the lowliest and most object Members of Society and pain is suffered for the sake of such a one, even he does not like to not repay such goodness, so how then can it be conceived that Allah would not repay, indeed he gives recompense in the end."

I have explain this again and again that a person is involved in purposes and objectives of various types other than the Faith can not enter into our Movement. Placing ones two feet in different boats will not permit one to reach the shore. So the person who wishes to come to us must first suffer death. But God would value such a one and he will not pass from this world until he sees success. All that he will give up for God's sake , God would again return all of it to him again."

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