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[NY JAMA'AT] Wassiyat excerpts

In the name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته Assalam-o-alaikum wa rehmatullah,

Respected Members,

Please read these quotes from Al-Wasiyaat and you will realize why a momen should join this divine scheme without delay.

You can never ever win the pleasure of Allah unless you, relinquishing your desires, abandoning your pleasures, sacrificing your honour, disowning your wealth, discarding your life, bear such hardships in His way as make you suffer the pangs of death. But once you suffer such hardship, you will sit in the lap of God like a beloved child. (Al-Wassiyat Page 9) Look, I say to you truly and sincerely that ruined is he whose faith is tainted by even a hint of worldliness. Hell is very close to that soul all of whose intentions are not for God—rather some of them are for God and others are for the world. Thus if you have an iota of worldly adulteration in your intentions, all your worship is in vain. In such a case you do not follow God. Rather you follow Satan. Never ever expect that when you are in such a condition God will help you. Rather in this condition, you are a worm of the earth and soon you will perish just as worms of the earth do. (Page 10) Rejoice and be happy that the field of achieving nearness to God is vacant. Every nation is in love with the world and to what pleases God the world pays no attention. Now is the time for those who wish to enter this door that they, mustering all their strength, show their mettle and win the much coveted prize from God. Don't think that God will let you go to waste. You are the seed which the Hand of God has sown in the earth. God says that this seed will grow and flower and its branches will spread in all directions and it will become a huge tree. So, blessed is one who believes in what God says and does not fear the trials which he suffers in His path. For, the coming of trials is essential so that God may try you to see who is true in his declaration of Bai‘at and who is false. Page 11 God addressed me and said that I should inform my Jama‘at that those who believe and their belief is not adulterated with worldly considerations and is free from hypocrisy and cowardice and is not found wanting at any stage of obedience, such people are the favourites of God. And God says that indeed these are the ones whose station is that of Truth. Page 12 And I pray that God may bless it and that He may make this very piece of land the Bahishti Maqbarah; and make it the resting place of such members of the Jama‘at as are pure of heart and who have in reality given precedence to Faith over the world and who have renounced the love of the world and have submitted themselves to God and have brought about in themselves a holy change and, like the companions of the Holy Prophetsa, have set the example of Faithfulness and Truthfulness, Amin, O Lord of the world. I pray again: O All-Powerful God of mine, make this piece of land fit for the graves of those of my Jama‘at who are pure of heart and who have in reality become Yours and in their deeds there is no adulteration of worldliness, Amin. Page 23 Again for the third time do I pray: O my Mighty and Benevolent [God!] O Forgiving and Merciful God, do grant them alone a place for graves here who have true faith in this messenger of Yours and who have no trace of hypocrisy, of selfish motives and of doubt or suspicion in their hearts.; and as faith and obedience deserve to be followed and observed, they follow and observe it for Your sake; and in their heart of hearts they have already sacrificed their lives for you and in your path and You are pleased with them; and those whom You know to be totally lost in love for You; and those who have with your Messenger a relationship of love and devotion based on loyalty, total respect and enlightened faith, Amin, O Lord of the world. Page 24 Every righteous person who owns no property and is unable to render any financial service (to the community) can be buried in this graveyard, provided it is established that he had dedicated his life to serve the Faith and was a righteous person. Page 28 Since the days of visitations and calamities are close at hand, therefore, one who makes a will at the time of peace holds a lofty station in the sight of God. Such a will, under which the contribution is permanent, will confer perpetual reward on the one who makes it, and it would amount to Khairat-eJarya Page 29 In the end I pray that may Allah help every sincere person in this matter and that He may kindle the fire of faith in their hearts and that they all meet their death when Allah is pleased with them. Amin Page 30 If a person makes a will and then, because of some weakness in his faith, revokes his/her will or renounces the Ahmadiyya Jama‘at, then, even if the Anjuman is lawfully in possession of his property, it shall not be permissible for the Anjuman to keep his/her property in its possession but shall be bound to return it. This is because God is in no need of anyone's property or money. And in the sight of God all such w Page 38 Indeed He has willed that by this scheme He shall distinguish between a hypocrite and a believer. And I too feel that those who, having been informed of this Divine scheme, having been informed of this Divine scheme become anxious, immediately and without hesitation, to subscribe one tenth of their property in the way of Allah—nay, they even show greater fervour—and set the seal on their faithfulness. Page 41 Finally, let it be remembered that the days of calamities are close at hand and a severe earthquake that will turn the earth upside down is imminent. Hence before Divine chastisement strikes, those who prove that they are not of this world and have renounced it, and who further demonstrate how well they carried out my command, they alone are the true believers in the sight of God. And their names shall be listed in His book as of those who are the first and foremost. And truly and sincerely do I say that the time is near when a hypocrite who out of his love for this world, has evaded this commandment, will at the time of chastisement let out an anguished cry and say, 'Would that I had given all that I possessed—all my movable and immovable possessions—in the way of God and escaped this chastisement. Remember, after witnessing this punishment faith will be of no avail and alms and charity will be in vain. Page 42

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