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Resources for Ramadhan

The Tarbiyat team is collecting materials on this page to supplement your Ramadan experience. Below, find books, commentary, presentations, sermons, references and more resources for a spiritually fit Ramadan. 2017 Ramadan begins Saturday, May 27, in the U.S.

The Basics of Ramadan

On Laylatul Qadr and the last 10 days:

On sighting the moon:

Goals for Ramadan

In 1937, the Ahmadi magazine Al Fazl published a list of 61 weaknesses to work on during Ramadan, written by Hadhrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad (ra).

In his explanatory note, he wrote:

“This year, I again wish to exhort others to adopt that which I have been practicing myself during these past years, namely that during the holy month of Ramadhan members of the community should select one of their own personal weaknesses and make a firm resolution to God Almighty to get rid of it, so that when Ramadan ends, at least one personal weakness has been eliminated.”

For more Ramadan goal-setting resources, see our 30-Day Ramadan Workout from 2013.

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